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Rotation 5: Round 5 Voting

Bah I apologise guys. We decided to leave it open a few extra days because we only had a few entries and then my insane hours started again and I didn't have time to do anything. Was oing to put it all up last night but I came home passed out and didn't wake up till noon today heh.

We only had a few entries, which makes me incredibly sad but people have lives, me of all people know that heh. Anyways, here's this week's vote.

And also, the winner of this WILL go back into the rotation, as per the vote we took :)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

*Vote One Fave, One Least Fave And WHY you chose them
*Do NOT Vote For Yourself
*Voting Ends Wednesday, July 18th At Midnight EST
*All Entries Are Screened
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