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Rotation 5: Round 5 Winner!!

Sorry guys, meant toget this up last night but again, life decided to bitchslap me across the face, better now though so, lets get to our winner!

Since there was only Three participants (Much to my dismay, we only have one winner this week annd as per the results of the poll, the winner shal be taken from the wings and put back into the rotation :)

And The Lucky Winner Is...


Congrats Hun! Was a tough vote for alot of people and a tough tally for me but in the end, you came out on top :).

I want to thank vuleimoor and emony2 for participating as well, it was only them three out of the six people we have said goodbye too so I appretiate the effort brought forth by them.

Anyone have the time to make our lovely friend a banner? If not I can do it but it may be a tad later...heh trying to catch up on stuff again...we still need banners for last week too :(

New Challenge Comming Soon a I can nab Ash for a brainstorming pow wow for ideas :P

**EDIT** Sorry Guys I had the image code wrong... all fixed now heh
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