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Rotation 5: Round 4

Hey guys! Sorry about the lateness. Meant to put it up last night but I didn't get off work till 12:30AM and by the time I got home...-sighs- I'm so glad invintory is over for me now...

Anyways, your new challenge:

Rotation 5: Round 4 -Icon And Banner Set
Yep thattts right folks. Ash and I decided that it is time we give this com another Roomies makeover. So, instead of doing it all ourselves, we are asking you guys to give us a hand. No themes or guids this time it's all up to you and your wonderfly creative imaginations.

1. Banner Must Be No Bigger Then 750x350 Pixels And No Smaller Then 700x300 Pixels
2. Icon Must Be Standard LJ Size (100x100, No Bigger Then 40KBs)
3. Entry MUST Be Roomie Centric, As This Is A Roomies Com.
4. You May Enter Up to Two (2) Icon And Banner Sets.
5. You MUST Enter A SET Of An Icon AND A Banner.
6. Do Not Post Your Work Anywhere Else Untill Voting Is Over.
7. All Comments Are Screened.
8. Challenge Ends: Friday, June 29th, 2007

Sorry I Just Realized I Forgot To Add That Free Passes Are Still In Play, To Those Who Have Yet To Use Them.

Free Pass Users:
fc2001, rayslady, swordpoke, lasamy
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Shawn & Jules

Rotation 5: Round 3 Voting

Wow once again we have alot of great entries from you talented peoples, kinda makes me feel ashamed of my craptastic attempt heh. Before I put up the voting for this week, I have to once again ask you guys to PLEASE let Ash or myself know if you cannot compete in a rotation, or if you need even an extra day or two to complete your entry. I HATE having to disqualify people so PLEASE let us know.

Disqualified In This Round:
rayslady, lasamy

Sorry to see your talent go to waste like this guys. Hope to see you again next rotation.

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*Vote One Fave, One Least Fave And WHY you chose them
*Do NOT Vote For Yourself
*Voting Ends Sunday, June 24th At Midnight EST
*All Entries Are Screened
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Rotation 5: Round 3

Rotation 5, Round 3: Ray's CD Cover

It's that time agan. Time for a new rotation. We have something a little different this week. We all saw the CD cover of the fanmix Ray made for Neela. If you didn't, or your memory needs refreshing, I've capped it for you under the cut.

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Anyway, we've all seen it, and we probably all thought, 'God, what crappy Photoshop! I can do better.' Well, here's your chance. Your challenge this week is to redesign the CD cover. But there is a catch. Okay, a few catches:

* Your CD cover must be no smaller than 400x400 pixels and no larger than 500x500 pixels
* You can use any pictures you want (Shane, Mindi, Shane and Mindi, screencaps, promo shots, whatever)- BUT the CD was made before "I Don't", so you can't use any caps from it or any of the episodes afterwards. This means NO "I Don't", NO "Sea Change", and NO "The Honeymoon's Over".
* Where you place it is optional, but you MUST include the exact text from the original CD cover:

For Neela. Best Roomie Ever. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Ray.

* Do not post your artwork anywhere else until after the voting is over.
* Submissions are due by Midnight, EST on Friday, June 22, 2007.
* Reply to this post to submit. All comments are screened.
* Free passes are in play for those users who still have them.

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(no subject)

All righty then...since I have no life whatsoever, and since I don't sleep anymore...I have finished the banners for Round 2 already. (I really need a it time to go to LA yet?) Here you go ladies! Congrats to all the winners this round!

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Shawn & Jules

Rotation5: Round 2 -Winners

Here are this weeks fantabulous winners :)Anyone up for doin banners please reply as usual.

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Sadly, we must say goodbye to the incredibly talented:

Mod's Choice:
(As Chosen By jensucks)

And remember, just cuz you have been voted out of the rotation does NOT mean that you can no longer vote and give us your opinions. We encourage the contestants who have been voted out to continue voting for us untill the very end, to keep it easy, fair, and minimize rediculous ties.

New Challenge Up Probably sometime Sunday night when I get off work :) CONGRATS TO ALL OUR WINNERS!!!
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Shawn & Jules

Rotation 5: Round 2

Sorry it took me so long to post this...been working like mad, dealing with personal crap again an my mommy just got back from vacation after a few weeks heh.

Anyways, here is your next challenge :)

Rotation 5: Round Two -Moments In Roomie History: "The Roomie Handshake"
You all know the one I'm talkin about. Can't be a Roomie fan and not know about the handshake that started it all. (In case you don't, it ws episode 11x11 "Only Connect")

We wanna see an icon of this momentous occasion, the thing that made the Roomies well, Roomies. Please Pictures Of The Handshake itself ONLY. Colours, Textures, those are up to you! Let your imagination soar!

Unfortunatly, I only have one cap to share with you guys. If anyone has any more, PLEASE leave me a link in a reply to this and I will share with the group.
Click Little For Big.

Caps Curtosey Of shadow_diva, tyniere

* You may enter up to TWO (2) Icons for this challenge.
* MUST be Roomie centric. This is a ROOMIES com, please work accordingly.
* Must be standard LJ size (100x100 and no bigger then 40kbs)
* Do not post your work anywhere else untill voting is over.
*Challenge Ends: Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
*All comments are screened
*Free Passes Are In Play For Those Who Have Not Used Them.

Free Pass Users:
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