Last Icon Maker Standing: Roomies Style

Last Icon Maker Standing -Roomies Style
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Welcome to Roomie LIMS!

It's a last icon maker standing challenge, Roomies style!

Common Questions:
What/who are the Roomies?
Well, Roomies refers to the characters of Drs. Ray Barnett and Neela Rasgotra, from the hit television medical drama ER.

What is a LIMS challenge?
LIMS stands for last icon maker standing. Each week, people will enter icons based on certain cenerios or themes posted by the mods and at the end of the week everyone will vote on their LEAST favorite icon and continue voting until...-cue music- there is only ONE icon left standing!

What Do We Get If We Win?
If your icon is crowned the last icon standing, you will win a shiny banner created by one of the mods or a shiny banner maker approved by the mods.

What Makes You Different Then Other LIMS Challenges Out There?
Well, we are focasing on one set group, the Roomie or Reela paring from the hit television show ER (Though you may see Ray and other or Neela and other chals as well) Also, we may not just stick with icons, we could go to banners or wallpapers...any graphics our Roomie loving minds can think of so look out!

The Schedule:
MONDAY: The New Challenge Is Made
TUES-FRI: Icon Makers Enter Their Beauties
SATURDAY: Voting Begins
SUNDAY: Voting Ends And Both Winning Icons As Well As Icons Voted Out Are Posted

This cycle repeats for about 8 to 10 weeks (depending on the number of participants) until someone is crowned the King Of The Roomies Icons!

If You Get Voted Out, Don't Be Discouraged! Re-Enter When The Cycle Restarts And Show The Others You Have What It Takes To Beat The Pants Off Everyone Else!

1. Absolutly NO bashing of ANY KIND permitted. No Warnings no nothing. One offence and you are OUT. If you don't like LIMS or Roomies then why are you here?

2. You MUST Join This Comunity in order to take part in the challenges. NO Acceptions.

3. Icons or Graphics entered in the challenge must NOT be posted elsewhere untill the voting is over with. This is to insure no cheating goes on when the voting goes up, ALL icons WILL be annonumous.

4. ALL entries MUST be somewhat Roomie related. The name is Roomies LIMS, we ALL love ER and all the characters therein but this comunity is Roomie specific.

5. Unless otherwise specified, all entries MUST be standard icon format (100 x 100) We WILL have special challenges where you will be asked for desktops or headers, but unless it says otherwise in the posts, please use the icon format.

6. You may enter up to TWO icons PER challenge.

7. Do NOT Vote For Your Own Icons. This defeats the purpose of the challenge and ruins the fun for everyone else.

8. Once signed up, you MUST compete in every challenge untill the cycle has ended or you will be disqualified. You are allowed ONE pass Per Rotation where you can skip a chal you aren't interested in or are unable to do, but other then that, every challenge to keep things fair.

9. You MUST be able to handle the constructive critisisms of the voters. If you can not handle being voted out of the running, then there is no use for you here.

10. (And Most Importantly) HAVE FUN!!!

If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns, Feel free to post it HERE Or speak with one of the mods.

(Special Thanks To shadow_diva)
Neela Rasgotra
Ray Barnett
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